Online English placement Test

Please read the instruction below beofre you conduct english test online

Dear Student

The test has 4 sections: Total time allowed 90 minutes

Section A: Grammar (25 minutes)

Section B: Vocabulary (20 minutes)

Section C: Reading (20 minutes)

Section D: Writing (40 minutes)


  1. You must complete the Online Test Registration below on this page. Your personal details in the registration must be up-to-date, complete and NOT misleading.
  2. You must NOT use a mobile phone, a dictionary, any other books or get help from anyone else.
  3. Keep to the time limits as indicated on the test (90 minutes).
  4. To start a test, a test access code is required. The test access code will be given after you submit the registration.

When you complete this Placement Test, your answers will be sent to the college for marking. Please DO NOT try to do this test again as any duplicates of the test will not be marked. It means that only the first test answers will be marked and recognised, any test answers afterwards will not.

This test is the property of the Australasia International School and may not be used without prior written permission.